• Northfield Hall is brand new venue located in Sheepridge, Huddersfield.
  • Northfield Hall caters for the local community, business use, events, functions, special occasions, sports and more. The building also houses a cafe, play gym (soft play area) and a church.
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Do you have a story to tell about kindness in Deighton or Brackenhall? Or would you like to star in a photographic artwork?

Come and find out more!

Drop in to Northfield Hall any time between 3pm and 6.30pm Wednesday 12th September for a cup of tea, cake and a chat!

Artists Jonathan Turner and Amelia Crouch are collecting stories about the kind things that happen in Deighton and Brackenhall, from small acts of generosity such as helping someone who is lost, to people who give up their time regularly as a volunteer. What or who should we know about?

Your stories will provide the inspiration for a series of photographic artworks to be shown at Northfield Hall later in the year. We are also looking for people to star in the photographs, so if you enjoy acting or photography or just want to try something new, then why not take part?

For more information contact Amelia on: ameliacrouch@hotmail.com or 07817527615 Northfield Hall, 40 Norfolk Avenue. Sheepridge, HD2 1GS