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Northfield Hall 1st Anniversary & Deighton Carnival Road Show

The Deighton Carnival Roadshow/Northfield Hall 1st Anniversary Celebrations took place over 2 days on Wednesday May the 29th and Thursday May the 30th 2013 at the Northfield Hall Community Centre, Brackenhall.

We also launched the start of the North Huddersfield Arts Week which runs from Wedesday May the 29th through till Friday June the 7th.

Hundreds attended over the 2 days, and there was a wide range of activites to keep everyone both young and old entertained.

We had free face painting, Hair braiding, Nail Art, food and refreshments, bouncy castle, art Workshops, kid’s activities plus a whole lot more over the 2 days.

There were top class performances from the Northfield Hall user groups over the 2 days; these included the Courtney Hamilton’s NORTHFIELD HALL CHEERLEADING SQUAD, Davina Allette’s DIVA FEVER STREET DANCERS, Sophie Simpson’s HUDDERSFIELD CRUSADERS MAJORETTES and spinning the discs through out the 2 days was DJ HUGHLIN.

The events were well supported from the Deighton, Brackenhall, Bradley, Birkby, Fartown communities plus wider Kirklees and surrounding areas.

Many Kirklees organisations came with information Stalls and really enjoyed the day.

We also had a free cinema showing for the kids and a drama performance from a organisation from the North East detailing the dangers of Loan Sharks.

The 2 days were Brilliant with excellent feedback from the Community.

Pictures from the day


Exit 25 Theatre School

Exit 25 Sound Clash


This is a film clip which is a trailer for the performance of SOUNDCLASH by Lenny Henry, this trailer was produced by the Young People at Northfield Hall during their particiaption in the workshops to produce film. The trailer was shot in the local housing community, and is now on the National theatre Connections director’s website. It is also featured on the EXIT 25 THEATRE SCHOOL website. http://www.exit25theatreschool.co.uk/

The performance of SOUNDCLASH is taking place at the West Yorkshire Playhouse on Saturday May 11th at 7pm. Please help and support the young people by attending this performance – the performance includes the filmed clips produced by the young people at Northfield Hall.


Clubs & Groups



Huddersfield Crusaders

Huddersfield Crusaders Majorette Troupe is based in Sheepridge/Brackenhall at the Northfield Hall Community Centre. We are a dance group with a difference as we specialise in Baton Twirling – we combine twirls with modern dance forms such as Street, Cheer, Contemporary and Jazz Dance. We train twice a week at Northfield Hall Wednesday’s 4.30 – 8pm and Saturday 5 – 7pm… This enables us to learn new routines to compete in local and national competitions. As it stands the troupe has won the Universal Championships 6 times and won the GBBTA Championships 3 times as well as winning ‘Best & Most Creative Baton Work’ twice. The troupe work hard to maintain a high standard but we do this in a fun enjoyable way – we are always looking for new members to join our teams, we take members from the young age of 5 and work up to senior level. Being apart of our majorette troupe encourages young people to engage in exercise, improves hand eye co-ordination and musicality and promotes team work, sportsmanship and positive self-esteem.

Anyone interested in joining our troupe can visit our website www.huddersfieldcrusaders.moonfruit.com or email Principle Sophie Simpson at: huddersfieldcrusaders@hotmail.co.uk This year we celebrate our 20 year anniversary so this is an exciting time to become a member…!!


Lishi is an ancient art that originated in China. The holistic system incorporates breath work and the mindful movements of Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong and Kung Fu.

Lishi promotes healthy living and is ideal for males or females who are athletes or unfit. Lishi develops self-awareness, well-being, vitality, self confidence and physical fitness. It helps relieves stress and is playful and exhilarating fun!

The Power of Relaxation – Learn how we can do things with deep relaxation.

The Key to Greater Vitality Specialized – ‘Dao Yin’ breathing techniques will help access increased vitality.

Moving with Stillness – We learn to focus the mind and develop concentration through mindful exercise. This helps promote harmony between mind and body.

Holistic Fitness – It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit we are when we walk through the door to the class, exercises are guaranteed to exercise heart and lungs, burn fat and tone and strengthen our bodies.

Chi Building and Exercising – “chi” or “qi” is the very essence of Lishi and brings unlimited benefits.

Self-Defense - A soft playful Kung-fu system with principles that are very effective as a form of self-defense. Step-by-step we gain greater coordination and confidence by working with a partner to develop and learn in a supportive environment.

Everyone welcome (11+)

Contact John 07737023097 john@lishi.org

Thursday 7.30-9pm
Northfield Hall
40 Norfolk Avenue
Huddersfield HD2 1GS

Cost £6 Over 18 (£2 juniors)